Thursday, December 23 2010

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Results from our Poll for the Top 100 Dream Interview Guests of 2010

From September until December, 2010, we opened the polls for members of the news media to vote for their Top 100 “Dream Interview Guest” (DIG) picks for 2010.

We presented mailed ballots to 18,000 talk show hosts, producers, news editors and support staff, listing about 1150 nominees from sectors ranging from entertainment to politics and science to religion. We even included space for write-ins.

The list included both guests already interviewed, along with guests that hosts had not been able to land for their talk shows. The ballot was essentially an industry ‘wish list’ of any guests in the world that hosts wish they could interview. The only prerequisite for the voting was that the guests had to be alive--Sorry Elvis!

This wasn’t a poll of ‘hall of fame’ guests from the past. It was a dream interview roster of guests that a host would want on their show NOW!

Well, the results are in. The family of PR agencies and affiliates now present to you the winners. The votes have been tallied and here are your top 100 Dream Interview Guests in order, listed below.

Politics and Entertainment dominated the top 100 list. Although there were Nobel Laureates, genius scientists and all sorts of noteworthy people nominated, the three most popular categories by far were #1: Politicians, #2: Talk Show Hosts, and #3: Actors.

We have secured contact information on many of these guests and are working on tracking down internal booking contacts, emails, and phone numbers on the balance of the winners.

Thank you for your participation in our historic poll. It was the largest popularity poll of dream interview guests ever under taken to the best of our knowledge. Please let us know if you need any contact information on any of our winners.

List of all 1000 nominees:

Bruce Mack


1 Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh
2 Talk Show Host Glenn Beck
3 Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota
4 tie Columnist Ann Coulter
4 tie Sarah Palin, likely 2012 U.S. Presidential candidate
6 Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio
7 Talk Show Host Laura Ingraham
8 tie Columnist Charles Krauthammer
8 tie Talk Show Host and Comedian Dennis Miller
10 Blogger Andrew Breitbart
11 tie U.S. Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina
11 tie Matt Drudge, Internet News Aggregator
11 tie U.S. Senator-elect Marco Rubio from Florida
11 tie U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
15 tie Comedian Bill Cosby
15 tie Pollster Scott Rasmussen
17 tie Christian Film Advocate Ted Baehr
17 tie Former President George W. Bush
17 tie Talk Show Host Mark Levin
17 tie Columnist Michelle Malkin
21 tie Talk Show Host Neal Boortz
21 tie Judge Robert Bork
21 tie Governor Jeb Bush
21 tie Actor Clint Eastwood
21 tie Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan
21 tie Columnist Thomas Sowell
27 tie U.S. Ambassador John Bolton
27 tie Actor Robert DuVall
27 tie Talk Show Host Sean Hannity
27 tie Ambassador Alan Keyes
27 tie Political Commentator Dick Morris
27 tie Judge Andrew Napolitano
27 tie Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
27 tie Actor Chuck Norris
27 tie Lieutenant Colonel, TV show host Oliver North
27 tie U.S. Senator Rand Paul
27 tie Congressman Mike Pence
27 tie Talk Show Host Michael Savage
27 tie Comedian Actor Jerry Seinfeld
27 tie Former U.S. Senator and Talk Show Host Fred Thompson
27 tie Actor Denzel Washington
27 tie Congressman Joe Wilson
27 tie Pilot Chuck Yeager
44 tie Dick Armey, former Majority leader of U.S. House of Representatives
44 tie Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush
44 tie Talk Show Host Neil Cavuto
44 tie Former Vice President Dick Cheney
44 tie New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
44 tie Mike Ditka, Former Football Player, Coach, current Sports Commentator
44 tie Talk Show Host Lou Dobbs
44 tie Talk Show Co-host and Panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck
44 tie Zell Miller, former U.S. Senator from Georgia
44 tie U.S. President Barack Obama
44 tie General David Petraeus
44 tie Talk Show Host Dennis Prager
56 tie Fox News Channel President Roger Ailes
56 tie Comedian Actor Tim Allen
56 tie Sharron Angle, candidate for Nevada Governor against Harry Reid
56 tie Political Analyst Michael Barone
56 tie Talk Show Host Art Bell
56 tie Baseball Player and Coach Yogi Berra
56 tie Singer Actor Pat Boone
56 tie Actor Ernest Borgnine
56 tie Former First Lady Barbara Bush
56 tie Former First Lady Laura Bush
56 tie Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani
56 tie Former Arkansas Governor, current Talk Show Host Mike Huckabee
56 tie Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana
56 tie Ohio Governor-elect John Kasich
56 tie Political Analyst Commentator Publisher William Kristol
56 tie Talk Show Host Michael Medved
56 tie Singer Actress Entrepreneur Dolly Partin
56 tie Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty
56 tie Former Vice President Dan Quayle
56 tie Former U.S. Secretary of State Condi Rice
56 tie U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
56 tie Talk Show Host Dr. Laura Schlessinger
56 tie Football Player Tim Tebow
56 tie Columnist Cal Thomas
56 tie U.S. Senator John Thune from South Dakota
56 tie Actor Jon Voight
56 tie Actor Bruce Willis
83 tie U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito
83 tie Astronaut Neil Armstrong
83 tie Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour
83 tie Former U.S. Secretary of Education, political pundit Bill Bennett
83 tie Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair
83 tie New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
83 tie Actress Sandra Bullock
83 tie Actor Michael Caine
83 tie Congressional Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor
83 tie TV Talent Judge Simon Cowell
83 tie Singer Charlie Daniels
83 tie Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres
83 tie Actor Johnny Depp
83 tie Dr. James Dobson
83 tie Football Coach Tony Dungy
83 tie Singer Bob Dylan
83 tie Boxer, Entrepreneur, Speaker George Foreman
83 tie Minuteman Leader Jim Gilchrist
83 tie Evangelist Franklin Graham
83 tie Talk Show Host Roger Hedgecock
83 tie Talk Show Host, former Watergate Bulglar G. Gordon Liddy
83 tie McChrystal, Stanley
83 tie Congressman Ron Paul
83 tie Talk Show Host Regis Philban
83 tie Pope Josephh Ratzinger
83 tie Former First Lady Nancy Reagan
83 tie Actor Adam Sandler
83 tie Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania
83 tie French President Nicholas Sarkozy
83 tie General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.
83 tie Musician Gene Simmons of Kiss
83 tie Actor Sylvester Stallone
83 tie Talk Show Host, Comedian Jon Stewart
83 tie Airline Pilot Hero Chesley B. “Sully” Sullengerger III
83 tie Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
83 tie Ginni Thomas, wife of U.S. Supreme Court Clarence Thomas
83 tie Actor John Travolta
83 tie Actor, Comedian Robin Williams
121 tie Akroyd, Dan
121 tie American Majority (#1 Trainer of TEA Party leaders nationwide/ President, American Majority)
121 tie Bacall, Lauren
121 tie Baldwin, Alec
121 tie Buchanan, Pat
121 tie Cameron, Kirk
121 tie Carlson, Tucker
121 tie Carville, James
121 tie Colbert, Stephen
121 tie Delay, Tom
121 tie Franken, Al
121 tie Gates, Bill
121 tie Gingrich, Newt
121 tie Groening, Matt (Satirist & Animator)
121 tie Hagee, John
121 tie Haggard, Merle
121 tie Hewitt, Hugh
121 tie Holbrook, Hal
121 tie Imus, Don
121 tie Keith, Toby
121 tie Kimmel, Jimmy
121 tie King, B.B.
121 tie King, Stephen
121 tie Kissinger, Henry
121 tie Kudlow, Larry
121 tie Loren, Sophia
121 tie Madden, John
121 tie Matalin, Mary
121 tie Mel Gibson
121 tie Michael Farris (homeschooling advocate/parental rights/Chancelor Patrick Henry College)
121 tie Mitch Albom
121 tie Moore, Mary Tyler
121 tie Murdoch, Rupert
121 tie Murphy, Eddie
121 tie Nelson, Willie
121 tie Noonan, Peggy
121 tie Pacino, Al
121 tie Perry, Rick
121 tie Romney, Mitt
121 tie Rooney, Andy
121 tie Rove, Karl
121 tie Rowling, J.K.
121 tie Ryan, Paul
121 tie Shatner, William
121 tie Smith, Will
121 tie Soros, George
121 tie Swift, Taylor
121 tie Turner, Tina
121 tie Weber, Daniel (founder conservative counterpart to AARP)
121 tie Yeung, Dorothy (National Right to Life Committee)
121 tie Ziglar, Zig
172 tie Edwin Buzz Aldrin
172 tie Armstrong, Lance
172 tie Arthur, Kay
172 tie Avalon, Frankie
172 tie Barrymore, Drew
172 tie Jacob Hornberger (Libertarian Think Tank leader)
172 tie Behar, Joy
172 tie Bowie, David
172 tie Brad Pitt
172 tie Bradbury, Ray
172 tie Brokaw, Tom
172 tie Carter, Jimmy
172 tie Clinton, Bill
172 tie Clinton, Hillary
172 tie Coburn, Tom
172 tie Colson, Chuck
172 tie Connery, Sean
172 tie Couric, Katie
172 tie Crichton, Michael
172 tie Crowe, Russell
172 tie Cruise, Tom
172 tie Damon, Matt
172 tie DeNiro, Robert
172 tie Devito, Danny
172 tie Diller, Phyllis
172 tie Doocy, Steve
172 tie Douglas, Kirk
172 tie Douglas, Michael
172 tie Emanuel, Rahm
172 tie Erickson, Erick (
172 tie Farah, Joseph
172 tie Fiorina, Carly
172 tie Fox, Megan
172 tie Freeman, Morgan
172 tie Gabor, Zsa Zsa
172 tie Gaither, Bill
172 tie Gervais, Ricky
172 tie Gibbs, Joe
172 tie Gorbachev, Mikhail
172 tie Graham, Billy
172 tie Graham, Lindsey
172 tie Greenspan, Alan
172 tie Grisham, John
172 tie Hanks, Tom
172 tie Heaton, Patricia
172 tie Hill, Faith
172 tie John, Elton
172 tie Judd, Gregg (NH Senator)
172 tie Kidman, Nicole
172 tie Koontz, Dean
172 tie Lama, Dalai
172 tie Leno, Jay
172 tie Letterman, David
172 tie Lieberman, Joe
172 tie Lucado, Max
172 tie Maddow, Rachel
172 tie Malzberg, Steve
172 tie Mandela, Nelson
172 tie Mathers, Jerry,
172 tie Morrisey, Ed
172 tie Murray, Bill (actor)
172 tie Musial, Stan
172 tie Nicholson, Jack
172 tie Norquist, Grover
172 tie Osteen, Joel
172 tie Pelosi, Nancy
172 tie Penn, Sean
172 tie Pratt, Erich (Gun Owners of America spokesman)
172 tie Pratt, Larry (Gun Owners of America, exec. dir.)
172 tie Redford, Robert
172 tie Sawyer, Dianne
172 tie Scarborough, Joe
172 tie Schwarzenegger, Arnold
172 tie Sharpton, Al
172 tie Singletary, Mike
172 tie Slim, Carlos
172 tie Sliwa, Curtis
172 tie Spielberg, Steven
172 tie Steele, Danielle
172 tie Stern, Howard
172 tie Stone, Oliver
172 tie Taylor, Elizabeth
172 tie Trump, Donald
172 tie Tyler, Liv
172 tie VanDyke, Dick
172 tie Ventura, Jesse
172 tie Walters, Barbara
172 tie Warner, Kurt
172 tie Westheimer, Ruth, MD
172 tie Whitman, Meg
172 tie Wilkerson, David
172 tie Will, George
172 tie Wolfe, Tom
172 tie Yoshihara, Susan (C-Fam/Catholic rights advocate)
172 tie Zimbalist, Efrem, Jr.
172 tie Tiz, Joy, Author, columnist, political commentator (also tied for top write-in candidate)
172 tie Hansen, Victor Davis, military writer, historian (also tied for top write-in candidate)
269 tie Aaron, Hank
269 tie Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud
269 tie Allen, Woody
269 tie Amanpour, Christine
269 tie Anderson, John
269 tie Anderson, Loni
269 tie Angelina Jole
269 tie Angelou, Maya
269 tie Aniston, Jennifer
269 tie Anka, Paul
269 tie Arianna Huffington
269 tie Asner, Ed
269 tie Axelrod, David
269 tie Baez, Joan
269 tie Bailey, F. Lee
269 tie Baker, Howard
269 tie Baldwin, Stephen
269 tie Ballmer, Steven
269 tie Bannister, Roger
269 tie Bauer, Gary
269 tie Bayh, Evan
269 tie Beauprez, Bob
269 tie Bernanke, Ben
269 tie Berry, Chuck
269 tie Bezos, Jeff
269 tie Biden, Joe
269 tie BinLaden, Osama
269 tie Blackwell, Morton
269 tie Blagojevich, Rod
269 tie Blanchett, Cate
269 tie Bloom, Orlando
269 tie Bloomberg, Michael
269 tie Bolt, Usain
269 tie Bono, Chaz
269 tie Boyle, Susan
269 tie Brady, Tom
269 tie Brosnan, Pierce
269 tie Brown, Dan
269 tie Brown, Floyd
269 tie Buffett, Warren
269 tie Busey, Gary
269 tie Byrd, Robert
269 tie Cameron, James
269 tie Carmen, Rachael (Aplogia Live/homeschool advocates)
269 tie Carrey, Jim
269 tie Castro, Fidel
269 tie Caviezel, James
269 tie Channing, Carol
269 tie Clapton, Eric
269 tie Clooney, George
269 tie Conn, David
269 tie Cooper, Alice
269 tie Curry, Jerry, Major General US Army ret. (in Bush I and Reagan admins)
269 tie Cyrus, Miley
269 tie Dean, Howard
269 tie Devos, Rich (Amway founder)
269 tie DiCaprio, Leonardo
269 tie Dogg, Snoop
269 tie Dowd, Maureen
269 tie Downey, Robert Jr.
269 tie Downs, Hugh
269 tie Durning, Charles
269 tie Ellison, Keith
269 tie Ellison, Larry
269 tie Flake, Jeff
269 tie Fontaine, Joan
269 tie Ford, Betty
269 tie Franklin, Aretha
269 tie Frum, David
269 tie Gambling, John
269 tie Gates, Robert
269 tie Gibbs, Robert
269 tie Glenn, John
269 tie Goldberg, Whooppi
269 tie Gosselin, Kate
269 tie Grant, Amy
269 tie Greenberg, Stan
269 tie Griffith, Andy
269 tie Harris, Neil Patrick
269 tie Hefner, Hugh
269 tie Hemmer, Bill
269 tie Hoffman, Dustin
269 tie Hogan, Hulk
269 tie Hopkins, Anthony
269 tie Iacocca, Lee
269 tie Irving, John
269 tie Jackie Collins
269 tie Jackman, Hugh
269 tie Jackson, Alan
269 tie Jackson, Peter
269 tie Jackson, Ricky Lee (singing physician; author of TEA Party anthem)
269 tie Jagger, Mick
269 tie Jeter, Derek
269 tie Jobs, Steven
269 tie Jones, Alex
269 tie Jordan, Michael
269 tie Judge Judy
269 tie Kasparov, Garry
269 tie Keene, David
269 tie Kehoe, Lori (National Right to Life Committee)
269 tie Kennedy, Caroline
269 tie King, Billie Jean
269 tie King, Larry
269 tie Kingsbury, Karen (#1 Christian fiction author)
269 tie Klingenschmitt, Gordon (U.S. Navy Chaplain/In Jesus Name Ministry)
269 tie Knowles, Beyonce
269 tie Koch, Charles
269 tie Komando, Kim
269 tie Koop, C. Everett
269 tie Koppel, Ted
269 tie Kotb, Hoda
269 tie Krugman, Paul
269 tie Kupiec, John (Congressional candidate/ Flint, MI)
269 tie Kwan, Michelle
269 tie LaDuke, Winona
269 tie LaPierre, Wayne
269 tie LaRouche, Lyndon
269 tie Laurie, Greg
269 tie Lee, Kathie
269 tie Lewis, Hal (scientist who resigned over ClimateGate)
269 tie Lindsey, Hal
269 tie Lockhart, June
269 tie Lohan, Lindsay
269 tie Lopez, Jennifer
269 tie Lopez, Mario (Hispanic Leadership Fund)
269 tie Lowry, Rich
269 tie Luntz, Frank
269 tie Manning, Peyton
269 tie Margret, Ann
269 tie Matthews, Chris
269 tie McCarthy, Kevin
269 tie McCartney, Paul
269 tie McConnell, Mitch
269 tie McGovern, George
269 tie Mercer, Carmen (Minuteman President)
269 tie Moncrief, Anita (ACORN whistleblower now with American Majority)
269 tie Morgan, Harry
269 tie Mousavi, Mir-Hossein
269 tie Mugabe,Robert
269 tie Muller, Mancow
269 tie Nimoy, Leonard
269 tie Noory, George
269 tie Norton, Ed
269 tie Norville, Deborah
269 tie Olbermann, Keith
269 tie Orszag, Peter
269 tie Peretti, Frank
269 tie Perkins, Tony
269 tie Perry, Tyler
269 tie Peters, Robert (Morality in Media president; pornography watchdog)
269 tie Pickens, Boone
269 tie Plant, Robert
269 tie Powell, Colin
269 tie Puck, Wolfgang
269 tie Ramsay, Gordon
269 tie Ray, Rachael
269 tie Reinach, Alan (attorney/advocates religious rights in the workplace)
269 tie Reynolds, Joey
269 tie Rivers, Joan
269 tie Roberts, John
269 tie Roberts, Julia
269 tie Roberts, Nora
269 tie Robertson, Pat
269 tie Roth, Sid (expert on world Jewry/Judeo-Christian author/talk show host)
269 tie Rubin, David (former mayor of Shiloh, Israel/settlements advocate)
269 tie Ruddy, Christopher
269 tie Russell, Jane
269 tie Sabia, John (world malaria expert)
269 tie Saint, Eva Marie
269 tie Sanchez, Rick
269 tie Scheidler, Joseph
269 tie Schneider, John
269 tie Schwab, Charles
269 tie Seacrest, Ryan
269 tie Sheen, Martin
269 tie Sheindlin, Judith
269 tie Shenk, Steve (expert on world food supply)
269 tie Simcox, Chris (Minuteman co-founder)
269 tie Sklar, Maurice (world renowned violinist)
269 tie Smith, Craig (author of Crashing the Dollar: Global Currency Collapse)
269 tie Smith, Shephard
269 tie Somers, Suzanne
269 tie Specter, Arlen
269 tie Steinem, Gloria
269 tie Stevens, Ted
269 tie Stewart, Martha
269 tie Stewart, Rod
269 tie Stiller, Ben
269 tie Summers, Larry
269 tie Sutherland, Kiefer
269 tie Swindoll, Chuck
269 tie Sykes, Wanda
269 tie Tesh, John
269 tie Travis, Randy
269 tie Trippi, Joe
269 tie Twain Shania
269 tie Tyler, Steven
269 tie Underwood, Carrie
269 tie Volcker, Paul
269 tie Warren, Rick
269 tie Waters, Roger
269 tie Wayne, Lil
269 tie West, Kanye
269 tie Wildmon, Don
269 tie Wildmon, Tim (host Today’s Issues)
269 tie Williams, Brian
269 tie Williams, Venus
269 tie Winans CeCe
269 tie Winn, Craig
269 tie Wonder, Stevie
269 tie Woods, Tiger
269 tie Woodward, Bob
269 tie Wright, Jeremiah
269 tie Zeffirelli, Franco
269 tie Zuckerberg, Marc
269 tie Walken, Christopher
269 tie Missler, Chuck
269 tie Vischer, Phil
269 tie Nugent, Ted
269 tie Shelton, Blake
269 tie Bush, Reggie
269 tie Celente, Gerald
269 tie Regan, Ronald
269 tie Danza, Tony
269 tie Cage, Nicholas
269 tie kevorkian, Dr.
269 tie jay z
269 tie Hays, Kathleen
269 tie Dalai Lama
269 tie Winters, Jonathan
269 tie Likis, Bobby
269 tie Horowitz, David
269 tie Elder, Larry
269 tie McClintock, Tom
269 tie McDonnell, Christy
269 tie Miller, Joe, Senatorial candidate
269 tie Watson, Tom, Congressional candidate,
269 tie Lange, Artie
269 tie Chen, Julie
269 tie Smith, Harry
269 tie Aaron McGruder
510 tie Aames, Willie
510 tie Abdul, Paula,
510 tie Adams, Gerry
510 tie Agazzi, Andre
510 tie Aguilera, Christina
510 tie Al-Fayed, Mohamed
510 tie Albright, Madeleine
510 tie Ali, Muhammad
510 tie Allen, Paul
510 tie Alley, Kirstie
510 tie Ally, Art
510 tie Ambani, Mukesh
510 tie Anderson, Kerby
510 tie Annan, Kofi
510 tie Anne, Princess
510 tie Archuleta, David
510 tie Arenstein, Howard (producer CBS weekend Roundup)
510 tie Arnault, Bernard
510 tie Assange, Julian
510 tie Bacharach, Burt
510 tie Backman, Randy
510 tie Bailey, Christopher
510 tie Bailey, Phillip
510 tie Bakker, Jim (televangelist)
510 tie Balch, Burke (National Right to Life Committee)
510 tie Balch, Mary (National Right to Life Committee)
510 tie Barnes, Melody
510 tie Barnes, Paulette
510 tie Baucus, Max
510 tie Bauer, Robert
510 tie Becker, Margaret
510 tie Beckham, David
510 tie Bell, Dr. John (Dentist/Father's rights author)
510 tie Benham, Lee (ObamaCare critic/healthcare expert)
510 tie Berners-Lee, Tim (British computer scientist)
510 tie Bhagat, Chetan
510 tie Bieber, Justin
510 tie Bigelow, Kathryn
510 tie Bin, Sergey
510 tie Blades, Joan (MoveOn.orgA)
510 tie Blanchard, Ken
510 tie Block, Melissa
510 tie Boehner, John
510 tie Bohannon, Jim
510 tie Boltz, Ray
510 tie Boone, Deborah
510 tie Bourdain, Anthony
510 tie Boutros-Ghali, Boutros
510 tie Boyd, Wes (
510 tie Bragg, Patricia (health and longevity expert)
510 tie Branson, Richard
510 tie Brazile, Donna
510 tie Brennan, John
510 tie Bridges, Christopher
510 tie Britney Spears
510 tie Brooks, David
510 tie Brooks, Garth
510 tie Brown, Helen Gurley
510 tie Brown, Michael
510 tie Brown, Tim
510 tie Browne, Joy MD
510 tie Bruckheimer, Jerry
510 tie Bryant, Kobe
510 tie Brylls, Bear
510 tie Bush, Billy (celebrity radio show)
510 tie Campollo, Tony
510 tie Canfield, Jack
510 tie Cardin, Pierre
510 tie Carlisle, Bob
510 tie Carter, Graydon
510 tie Carter, Shawn (Jay-Z)
510 tie Cashmore, Pete
510 tie Castellanos, Alex
510 tie Chapman, Bob
510 tie Chapman, Steven Curtis
510 tie Charlie Kaye (news director of CBS World News Roundup)
510 tie Chen, Steve
510 tie Cherewatenko, Vern
510 tie Chopra, Deepack
510 tie Christ, Charlie
510 tie Chu, Steven
510 tie Chung, Connie
510 tie Ciccone, Madonna
510 tie Clarkson, Kelly
510 tie Clay, Bryan
510 tie Clyburn, James
510 tie Clymer, Jim
510 tie Coach Christy
510 tie Cole, Cheryl
510 tie Compton, Ann
510 tie Conan, Neal (host NPR Talk of the Nation)
510 tie Conley, Robert (creator of NPR All Things Considered)
510 tie Cook, David
510 tie Cooney, Joan Ganz
510 tie Cooper, Anderson
510 tie Cooper, Jackie
510 tie Cooper, John (Skillet lead singer)
510 tie Copeland, Kenneth
510 tie Corbett, Jim
510 tie Corsi, Jerome
510 tie Covin, Claudette
510 tie Craig, Daniel
510 tie Cramer, Jim
510 tie Crosby, Sidney
510 tie Crouch, Paul
510 tie Cruz, Penelope
510 tie Cube, Ice
510 tie Cuse, Carlton
510 tie D'Souza, Dinesh
510 tie Daly, Jim
510 tie Daniels, Rich
510 tie Daughtry, Chris
510 tie Davis, Artur
510 tie DeLuca, Fred (Subway founder)
510 tie Deal, Gordon
510 tie Delilah, Rene Luke (late night radio host)
510 tie Dell, Michael
510 tie Diaz, Cameron
510 tie Dilmore, Robby (The Christian Car Guy")
510 tie Dion, Celine
510 tie Dole, Bob
510 tie Donilon, Thomas
510 tie Downey, Roma
510 tie Doyle, Jerry
510 tie Dozier, O'Neil (Chicago Bears/NY Jets)
510 tie Dugard, Jaycee
510 tie Duncan, Arne
510 tie Dunn, Jeff (Mere Churchianity author)
510 tie Dunn, Troy
510 tie Duplantis, Jesse
510 tie Durbin, Dick
510 tie D’Alessandro, avid (CEO John Hancock Insurance)
510 tie Eareckson-Tada, Joni
510 tie Edell, Dean, MD
510 tie Edwards, Blake
510 tie Edwards, Bob (creator of NPR Morning Edition)
510 tie Edwards, John
510 tie Eikenberry (US Ambassador to Afghanistan)
510 tie Eisner, Michael
510 tie Elefante, John
510 tie Eliason, Vic
510 tie Elizabeth, Windsor
510 tie Elko, Kevin (motivational speaker to NFL and college teams)
510 tie Elliot, Elisabeth
510 tie English, Michael
510 tie Ensler, Eve
510 tie Ericson, Erick
510 tie Fallon, Jimmy
510 tie Farber, Barry
510 tie Farmer, Mark
510 tie Farry, Paul (producer of CBS World News Roundup)
510 tie Favre, Brett
510 tie Favreau, Jon
510 tie Federer, Roger
510 tie Fenty, Robyn Rihanna
510 tie Ferguson, Sarah
510 tie Ferraro, Geraldine
510 tie Fertel, Mort (relationships expert)
510 tie Feulner, Edwin
510 tie Flournoy, Michele
510 tie Foa, Edna
510 tie Fonda, Jane
510 tie Ford, Harrison
510 tie Franco, James
510 tie Frank, Barney
510 tie Franz, Wanda (National Right to Life Committee)
510 tie Franzen, Jonathan
510 tie Gallagher, Michael
510 tie Gallop, George
510 tie Garfunkel, Art
510 tie Garza, Al
510 tie Geithner, Tim
510 tie George, Charles
510 tie Gergiev, Valery
510 tie Germanotta, Stefani
510 tie Gibson, Charlie
510 tie Gigot, Paul
510 tie Gilbert, Elizabeth
510 tie Gilmore, Bob
510 tie Glaser, Mitch (religious leader)
510 tie Glass, Philip (American composer)
510 tie Glover, Danny
510 tie Goodall, Jane (conservationist)
510 tie Gore, Al
510 tie Gottlieb, Alan (gun rights leader)
510 tie Gracie, Carrie (BBC news anchor)
510 tie Gray, John (Men are from Mars)
510 tie Grayson, Alan
510 tie Green, Steve
510 tie Gregory, David (Christian author)
510 tie Greiner, Ron; (ObamaCare critic)
510 tie Grier, Rosie
510 tie Hamilton, Lee
510 tie Hamm, Jon
510 tie Hamm, Mia
510 tie Hammill, Dorothy
510 tie Handel, Bill
510 tie Handelmann, Alan
510 tie Hansen, Mark Victor
510 tie Hart, Johnny
510 tie Hartmann, Thom
510 tie Hatoyama, Yukio
510 tie Hewson, Paul
510 tie Hickey, Jim (ABC Radio News)
510 tie Hickey, Marilyn
510 tie Higgins, John (American composer)
510 tie Hilfiger, Tommy
510 tie Hilton, Paris
510 tie Hinn, Benny
510 tie Ho, Thienna (95 lb. woman/Guinness World weight lifting champion, defeating men three times her size)
510 tie Hoekstra, Dick
510 tie Hoffman, Albert (Swiss chemist)
510 tie Holbrooke, Richard
510 tie Holder, Eric
510 tie Holyfield, Evander
510 tie Hongzhi, Li (Falun Gong religion in China)
510 tie Houston, Whitney
510 tie Howard, Clark
510 tie Hoyer, Steny
510 tie Huerta, Dolores
510 tie Humphries, Rusty
510 tie Hunt, Alan
510 tie Hurley, Chad
510 tie Hutchens, James, General, U.S. Army ret. (Middle East expert)
510 tie Hutchings, Noah
510 tie Hybels, Bill
510 tie IRN/USA Radio News (John Clemens, religion news director)
510 tie Jackson Jesse
510 tie Jackson, Fred (news director One News Now)
510 tie Jackson, Randy
510 tie Jackson, Samuel
510 tie Jacobs, Marc
510 tie Jacobson, Jim (Christian Freedom International/ advocate for persecuted church)
510 tie Jarrett, Valerie
510 tie Jeffrey, Grant
510 tie Jeffrey, Grant
510 tie Jimmy Wales
510 tie Joel, Billy
510 tie John Updike
510 tie Johnson, Abigail
510 tie Johnson, Dwayne
510 tie Johnson, Earvin
510 tie Jon Rivers (host on K-Love radio)
510 tie Jonas, Joe
510 tie Jonas, Kevin
510 tie Jonas, Nick
510 tie Jones, James
510 tie Jones, Terry
510 tie Joyner-Kersee, Jackie
510 tie Kanter, Rosabeth Moss
510 tie Kardashian, Kim
510 tie Kardashian, Kourtney
510 tie Kathan, Steve (anchor of CBS World News Roundup)
510 tie Keehan, Carol
510 tie Kerkoria, Kirk
510 tie Kerry, John
510 tie Kevin Michael McKeehan (Christian singer 'Toby Mac')
510 tie Keys, Alicia
510 tie Kincaid, Cliff
510 tie Kincaid, Thomas
510 tie Kinchlow, Ben
510 tie Kingsley, Ben
510 tie Klein, Joseph (UN expert/author/Obama critique)
510 tie Knight, Gladys
510 tie Knightley, Keira
510 tie Knoller, Mark
510 tie Kopp, Wendy
510 tie Kotick, Bobby
510 tie Kupelian, David
510 tie Kushner, Tony (American playwright)
510 tie Kutcher, Ashton
510 tie Kyi, Aung San Suu (Burma’s Democracy movement leader)
510 tie Kyl, Jon
510 tie LaHaye, Tim
510 tie LaLanne, Jack
510 tie Labell, Patti
510 tie Lafferty, Andrea
510 tie Lakshmi, Padma
510 tie Lambert, Adam
510 tie Landon, Michael Jr.
510 tie Lanier, Jaron
510 tie Lansberry, James (national healthcare speaker/Shared Care expert)
510 tie Larson, Lars
510 tie Latifah, Queen
510 tie Lauzen, (IL State Senator)
510 tie LeBron, James
510 tie LeBron, James
510 tie Lear, Norman
510 tie Leher, Jim
510 tie Lemon, Meadolark
510 tie Lesnar, Brock
510 tie Li, Jet
510 tie Li, Robin
510 tie Limerick, Doug (anchor ABC News Radio)
510 tie Lin, Maya
510 tie Lindelof, Damon
510 tie Lindstrom, Rev. Calvin (son of founder of modern homeschool movement/private education advocate)
510 tie Lipkin, Avi (possible future Israeli Prime Minister/author, speaker)
510 tie Livgren, Kerry
510 tie Lorman, Ken (SRN News bureau chief)
510 tie Lowry, Mark
510 tie Lucas, George
510 tie Lugar, Richard
510 tie Lustrea, Anita (hosts Mid Day Connection on Moody)
510 tie Maathai, Wangari
510 tie Madden, Thomas (former V.P. NBC TV/TransMedia Communications)
510 tie Mailer, Norman
510 tie Maitlis, Emily (BBC news anchor)
510 tie Mamet, David (American playwright)
510 tie Mammen, Neil (Author: Jesus is involved in politics! Why aren't You?)
510 tie Mandel, Deborah
510 tie Mandrell, Barbara
510 tie Mariah Carey
510 tie Mars, Forrest
510 tie Marshall Bruce Mathers (Eminem)
510 tie Marshall, Leslie
510 tie Marshall, Peter
510 tie Marsicano
510 tie Martin, Jenny Beth
510 tie Masterson, Lisa, (The Doctors TV Show)
510 tie Matt Mullenweg
510 tie Maxwell, John
510 tie Mayweather, Floyd
510 tie McCain, John
510 tie McCarthy, Andrew
510 tie McCarthy, Cormac (novelist)
510 tie McCartney, Bill
510 tie McCartney, Stella
510 tie McCaslin, John
510 tie McCorvey, Norma
510 tie McCoy, Simon (BBC news anchor)
510 tie McDonnell, Bob
510 tie McDonough, Denis
510 tie McDowell, Josh
510 tie McGraw, Calvin Phillip (Dr. Phil)
510 tie McHugh, Mike (Christian Liberty Ministries)
510 tie McLeod, Gavin
510 tie McTernan, John
510 tie Meester, Leighton
510 tie Mefford, Janet
510 tie Menounos, Maria
510 tie Meyer, Joyce
510 tie Meyer, Sonia (Gypsy advocate/author)
510 tie Michele, Lea
510 tie Mickelson, Jan (talk show host at WHO in DesMoines where President Reagan was a sports broadcaster)
510 tie Mickelson, Phil
510 tie Miller, Stephanie
510 tie Mitchell, George
510 tie Mittal, Lakshmi
510 tie Moon, Sun Yung
510 tie Moore, Alecia
510 tie Moore, Mandy,
510 tie Moore, Michael
510 tie Morrison, Toni
510 tie Moulitsas, Markos
510 tie Murray, William (Christian activist)
510 tie Nadal, Rafael
510 tie Napolitano, Janet
510 tie Neiman, Leroy
510 tie Newmark, Craig
510 tie Niemeyer, Oscar (architect)
510 tie Nolan, Christopher
510 tie Norman, Larry
510 tie Norris, Michele
510 tie O'Bama, Michelle
510 tie O'Brien, Conan
510 tie O'Donnell, Christine
510 tie O'Neal, Shaquille
510 tie O'Reilly, Bill
510 tie Odom, Eric
510 tie Oliver, Jamie
510 tie Olsher, Steve (self help/self actualization author)
510 tie Ordon, Drew, (The Doctors TV Show)
510 tie Orman, Suze
510 tie Osmond, Donny
510 tie Osmond, Marie
510 tie O’Connor, Dandra Day
510 tie Pacquiao, Manny (boxer)
510 tie Page, Larry
510 tie Palau, Luis
510 tie Panetta, Leon
510 tie Paris, Twila
510 tie Parker, Sean
510 tie Parshall, Janet
510 tie Patel, Dev
510 tie Patillo, Leon
510 tie Pattinson, Robert
510 tie Penn, Kal
510 tie Perelman, Grigory (Russian Mathematician)
510 tie Peres, Shimon
510 tie Perry, Katy
510 tie Peterson, Jesse Lee
510 tie Pfeiffer, Dan
510 tie Phelps, Michael
510 tie Plouffe, David
510 tie Podesta, John
510 tie Porter, Janet
510 tie Preshaw, David (Male Nurse/author of "Heart of Compassion"
510 tie Preston, Cheri (anchor ABC News Radio)
510 tie Primo, Al (creator of Eye Witness News)
510 tie Pynchon, Thomas
510 tie Rai-Bachchan, Aishwarya
510 tie Rainey, Dennis
510 tie Ramsey, David
510 tie Ratner, Vic
510 tie Raviv, Dan (CBS weekend Roundup)
510 tie Redstone, Sumner
510 tie Reed, Ralph
510 tie Reese, Della
510 tie Reeves, Keanu
510 tie Regan, Brian
510 tie Rehm, Diane
510 tie Reid, Harry
510 tie Reinhold, Judge
510 tie Renee Montagne
510 tie Reno, Janet
510 tie Reynolds, Burt
510 tie Reynolds, Ryan
510 tie Rhodes, Ben
510 tie Rice, Susan
510 tie Ride, Sally (astronaut and astrophysicist)
510 tie Rigopulos, Alex
510 tie Robbins, Tony
510 tie Roberts, Robin
510 tie Robertson, Cliff
510 tie Rockefeller, David
510 tie Rodriguez, Alex
510 tie Rodriguez, Maggie
510 tie Rogers, Disiree (White House social secretary)
510 tie Ronaldo, Cristiano
510 tie Rose, Charlie
510 tie Roselli, Rob (conspiracy theororist)
510 tie Rosenburg, Milt (WGN radio host)
510 tie Roth, Philip (author)
510 tie Ruse, Austin (C-Fam/Catholic rights advocate)
510 tie Ryun, Ned
510 tie Schlafly, Phyllis (featured on Good Housekkeeping Magazine's Most Influential Woman in America's list more than just about any other woman ever)
510 tie Schmidt, Steve
510 tie Schwartz Boris, N.M.D. (advocate for Naturopathic Medicine)
510 tie Scowcroft, Brent
510 tie Scullion, Mary
510 tie Sears, Jim, (The Doctors TV Show)
510 tie Sebelius, Kathleen
510 tie Sebold, Alice
510 tie Selengut, Steve (financial/investment expert)
510 tie Shamir, Yitzhak
510 tie Shanley, John Patrick (American playwright)
510 tie Shea, George Beverly
510 tie Shepherd, Sherri
510 tie Sherry Rivers (host on K-Love radio)
510 tie Shields, Brooke
510 tie Shoebat, Ted (author/son of world's most famous ex-terrorist)
510 tie Shoebat, Walid (world's most famous ex-terrorist/author/speaker)
510 tie Shultz, Ed
510 tie Shumer, Chuck
510 tie Siebert, Muriel
510 tie Siegel, Robert (host of NPR All Things Considered)
510 tie Simpson, Jessica
510 tie Sinek, Simon
510 tie Singh, Manmohan
510 tie Smalley, Gary
510 tie Smith, Bev (urban radio talk host)
510 tie Smith, Michael W
510 tie Solmonese, Joe
510 tie Solomon, Susan
510 tie Sotomayor, Sonia
510 tie Springer, Jerry
510 tie Springsteen, Bruce
510 tie Stanley, Charles
510 tie Steele, Derek (recovering alcoholic/entrepreneur/author/speaker
510 tie Steele, Michael
510 tie Stefani, Gwen,
510 tie Stephan, Doug
510 tie Stephanopolus, George
510 tie Stern, Andy
510 tie Stern, Todd
510 tie Steve Inskeep
510 tie Stine, R.L.
510 tie Stork, Travis, MD (The Doctors TV Show)
510 tie Streep, Meryl
510 tie Streisand, Barbara
510 tie Stuart Shepard (Host of Family News in Focus)
510 tie Summer, Donna
510 tie Sutton, Al M.D. (medical and human rights advocate/producer documentary "Do No Harm")
510 tie T, Mr.
510 tie Taylor, James
510 tie Tendulkar, Sachin
510 tie Tereshkova, Valentina (Cosmonaut)
510 tie Terry, Randall
510 tie Tim Hawkins
510 tie Timberlake, Justin
510 tie Torre, Joe
510 tie Torres, Dara
510 tie Turner, Stansfield
510 tie Tyrrell, R. Emmett
510 tie Urban, Keith
510 tie VanHeerden, Andre, producer/CEO Cloud 10 Pictures, makers of Left Behind films.
510 tie VanNatta, Bruce (author of book "Saved By Angels" about dying and being brought back from the dead)
510 tie Vanderbilt, Gloria
510 tie Vaynerchuk, Gary
510 tie Vernon, Lillian
510 tie Vidal, Gore
510 tie Vieiera, Meredith
510 tie Vincenti, Dana (entrepreneur/ Presient of Dancing Horses in Lake Geneva, Wisc.)
510 tie Walton, Christy
510 tie Wang, J.T.
510 tie Warner, Mark
510 tie Warren, Neil Clark
510 tie Watson, Al (author of “Cereal Killer”/advocate of high fat diet)
510 tie Watson, James (biologist)
510 tie Waxman, Henry
510 tie Webb, Jim
510 tie Weber, Andrew Lloyd
510 tie West, Eminem
510 tie Westergren, Tim
510 tie Wheeler, Scott
510 tie Wheelis, Brad (anchor ABC News Radio)
510 tie White, Dana (UFC)
510 tie White, Paula
510 tie White, Reggie
510 tie White, Shaun
510 tie Whitney, Bill (host of CBS World News Roundup late edition)
510 tie Williams, Montel
510 tie Williams, Pat (sports coach/author)
510 tie Williams, Serena
510 tie Wilson, Brian
510 tie Winans, BeB
510 tie Winfrey, Oprah
510 tie Winkler, Henry
510 tie Winters, Rodney
510 tie Woodley, Joseph (author of "When The Prodigal Son Becomes the Father")
510 tie Worricker, Julian (BBC news anchor)
510 tie Worthington, Sam
510 tie Yalow, Rosalyn
510 tie Yang, Jerry
510 tie Yu-Na, Kim
510 tie Zacharius, Ravi
510 tie Zalaznick, Lauren
510 tie Zieglar, John

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